BCE skills evaluation tool launches

An online self-evaluation tool, set to help universities and colleges identify development needs and point users towards relevant resources, was launched last Friday.

Focusing on the skills needed especially for successful external engagement, the tool is an output from the Netskills-led project Supporting Training, CPD and Staff Exchange for BCE Practitioners under the JISC Business and Community Engagement (BCE) programme.

It has been developed in collaboration with AURIL (Association for University Research and Industry Links) and is based on their existing CPD framework for Knowledge Transfer. The project leader, Netskills Consultant Trainer Helen Blanchett, was pleased with initial feedback from its launch at the AURIL conference, held in Newcastle last week.

“The tool is still in a pilot stage, but we’ve already had some positive feedback from users telling us they’re finding it useful”, she said.

“Our next step is to improve the targeting of resources, but we hope the tool, even in its pilot form, will help users identify their skills to deliver effective business and community engagement. We welcome all feedback and suggestions for improvement.”

The launch also marks a start to a follow-on project which involves working in collaboration with AURIL to support the review of their CPD framework, further development of the online tool and exploring how the framework and tool can become embedded within organisations.

You can access the tool at http://www.netskills.ac.uk/bcecpd/