Focus Groups – CPD Framework for Business and Community Engagement

The project is holding a series of focus groups to shape the development of a new national framework to support continuing professional development for Business and Community Engagement (BCE).

The impact of organisations on the wider business and community is increasingly important. These activities are also known as Third Stream, Third Mission, Knowledge Exchange, Knowledge Transfer, Technology Transfer, Academic Enterprise, Enterprise, Innovation or Engagement. These events use the term ‘Business and Community Engagement’ (BCE).

Your help is needed to ensure these resources will meet your needs: we need to know what you do, why you do it and how your development is currently being supported. Your input will conrtibute to an important national initiative.

Whether BCE activities form your whole role or only part of it, whether these activities are formally recognised or not, we welcome your input at these events.

These focus groups are being run by AURIL (Association of University Research and Industry Links) and JISC in conjunction with all organisations involved with BCE in its widest form. The events are open to all staff involved in BCE activities in higher and further education, Public Sector Research Establishments (PSREs) including Research Councils and Beacons for Public Engagement.

Dates and Locations

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  • What makes a successful BCE practitioner? What skills knowledge and attributes are required?
  • How best should CPD supported?
  • What type of framework would be most useful?
  • How are your CPD needs currently supported?

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