CPD framework for BCE – have your say.

The CPD for BCE framework project aims to develop a Continuing Professional Development framework for Business and Community Engagement (BCE) organisations and practitioners.

The project is led by AURIL and JISC in collaboration with a working group made up of representatives across the breadth of Business and Community Engagement.
We have now prepared a first draft of the framework and this is available at http://www.slideshare.net/jisc_bce/cpd-for-bce-framework-survey-dec-2012

To arrive at this, we have had to deconstruct to reconstruct. The new framework is based on evidence and information gathered from a national survey conducted in May and June 2011, alongside six focus events held across the UK at the same time. From the results of these, the Working Group has developed a framework that tries to take account of the wide range of BCE roles and activities and the knowledge and skills required. The Working Group looked at best practice in similar and other sectors and received expert advice.

We have identified that BCE roles and activities are comprised of three key elements: relationships, communications and activities that are combined with a set of personal qualities (the inner triangle). We also concluded that BCE activities are undertaken for 3 benefits or areas: economic, social and internal (the outer triangles), each with different aims and drivers, activities and processes. These are not ‘slots’ or ‘pigeon-holes’. A BCE practitioner or organisation could be operating in two or more areas simultaneously.

We have then identified the activities and process involved and the knowledge and skills required to do them. Some of these are common across BCE, others are specialised for a particular area or benefit.

When the framework is finalised and goes on line, you will be able to move your mouse across any part of the framework, click on each triangle to ‘drill down’ to activities and processes, and knowledge skills and see more detailed information about these. This will be part of the development of the on line tool, the next phase of the project.

At this initial stage, the framework does not include levels or detailed breakdown of processes. We intend that these will form part of the next version of the framework.
We are consulting with a wide range of stakeholders and potential users of the framework and would appreciate your feedback on the draft framework.
After you have studied the framework slides the survey will take you around 5 minutes to complete (3 pages) and will remain open until Thursday 12 January 2012

SURVEY LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WFNHFY6